California Energy Commission Adopts 9th Edition of its RPS Eligibility Guidebook

At its January 25, 2017 business meeting, the California Energy Commission (“CEC”) unanimously voted to adopt the Ninth Edition of its Renewables Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) Eligibility Guidebook. Of note, the Ninth Edition of the RPS Eligibility Guidebook makes the following changes to the prior edition:

  • Implements changes required pursuant to Senate Bill 350 increasing RPS procurement requirements to 50 percent by 2030;
  • Clarifies RPS eligibility requirements for municipal solid waste combustion facilities, biomethane facilities (facilities using biomethane delivered using a fuel container), hydroelectric facilities operated as part of a water supply or conveyance system, and energy storage (pumped storage hydroelectric) facilities; and
  • Implements the RPS Online System, requiring RPS certification applications, supplemental information, and RPS verification reporting to be conducted using the RPS Online System beginning January 25, 2017.

Specific revisions to the RPS Eligibility Guidebook may be found in a redline version, available here.

Posted by: Jed Gibson