Proposed Decision Issued in CPUC's Microgrid Proceeding in Advance of 2020 Fire Season

On Wednesday April 29th, California Public Utilities Commission ("CPUC") Administrative Law Judge Colin Rizzo released a Proposed Decision ("PD") in the Microgrid rulemaking (R.19-09-009, SB 1339 Implementation). The PD would implement Track 1, near term solutions to reduce Public Safety Power Shutoffs ("PSPS") ahead of the 2020 fire season. The PD may be heard at the Commission’s June 11, 2020 Business Meeting.

The PD follows on a January 21, 2020 Ruling with an Energy Division Staff Proposal, Short-Term Actions to Accelerate the Deployment of Microgrids and Related Resiliency. The PD would streamline interconnection applications for certain “key resiliency projects” that would deliver “Resiliency Services” at “Key Sites and Locations”. The PD would require the utilities to accelerate certain pre-approved interconnection designs.

The PD would “modernize” utility tariffs to require revisions to Net Energy Metering ("NEM") tariffs that would recognize resiliency benefits and enable storage on NEM tariffs to import, but not export energy. The utilities will also be required to amend their NEM tariffs to remove storage sizing limits.


PG&E proposed three resiliency strategies: 1) a permanently enabled Distribution Generation-Enabled Microgrid Services program (“DGEMS”); 2) a temporary generation program to provide mobile, temporarily sited distribution generation at substations, mid-feeder line segments serving commercial corridors and commercial facilities, and single-customer critical facilities during PSPS events; and 3) a Community Microgrid Enablement Program. The PD conditionally approves PG&E’s requests and outlines follow-on requirements.


SCE proposed 1) a 2020 Microgrid PSPS pilot program; 2) continuing microgrid and microgrid-related activity currently in development; 3) subsidies for battery back-up solutions for income-eligible, critical care residential customers; and 4) a customer resiliency equipment incentive pilot program; but SCE did not seek cost recovery for these items and as such, the PD does not address SCE's proposals one way or another.


The PD conditionally approves SDG&E’s request for a Local Area Distribution Controller, but declines SDG&E's request for certain EV charging infrastructure that would support customer mobility at its Cameron Corners microgrid.

Contact: Brian Biering.