Update: CPUC Clarifies Comment Deadlines On RPS Confidentiality Proposed Decision And Alternate

Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued an Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling clarifying that parties to the docket devoted to confidentiality issues (Rulemaking 05-06-040) should be afforded a full opportunity to comment on a recent proposed decision (PD) and alternate proposed decision (APD) recommending changes to the confidentiality rules applicable to Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) filings. See: CPUC Proposed Decisions Will Reduce Confidentiality Period for RPS Contract Prices and Expand Public Access to Bidding Information.

Since the PD and APD were issued in the RPS docket instead of the confidentiality rulemaking, parties to the latter will have an extended opportunity to comment. Specifically, the ALJ Ruling clarifies that:

"[P]arties to R.18-07-003 may file comments per the original comment due date of October 6, 2021, and replies by October 11, 2021.

"Parties to R.05-06-040, who are not parties to R.18-07-003, may file comments on the PD and APD by October 20, 2021, and reply comments by October 25, 2021 responding to any comments filed on October 6, 2021 and October 20, 2021.

"Parties to R.18-07-003 may also file additional reply comments by October 25, 2021 limited to responding to the October 20, 2021 comments."