FERC Kicks Off Process For Discussion of New Technologies to Enhance Grid Functions

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has scheduled a staff-led workshop for November 5-6 to discuss grid-enhancing technologies that increase the capacity, efficiency or reliability of transmission facilities.

Transmission operators are increasingly looking to non-wires strategies and technologies, including: (1) power flow control and transmission switching equipment; (2) storage technologies; and (3) advanced line rating management technologies, to enhance and complement investment in new transmission facilities. At the November workshop, panelists and staff will discuss how grid-enhancing technologies are currently used in transmission planning and operations, the challenges to their deployment and implementation, and what the Commission can do regarding those challenges, including incentivizing or requiring adoption by utilities and regional transmission organizations and independent system operators.

Registration is open, but not required. Nominations for panel members may be submitted to FERC by September 20, 2019.

Contact: Andy Brown or Lynn Haug.