CPUC Seeks Comment on Fuel Substitution Test Methodology and Process

In August 2019 the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued Decision 19-08-009 implementing a new Fuel Substitution Test to update the three-prong test long used to analyze the effectiveness of energy efficiency fuel substitution measures and programs.(See CPUC Modifies Three-Prong Fuel Substitution Test.)

As the next step in this process, the CPUC has drafted a document titled Fuel Substitution Technical Guidance for Energy Efficiency outlining fuel substitution criteria and a new calculation methodology.

This week the CPUC provided a webinar and presentation summarizing the draft guidelines, and has invited submission of stakeholder comments on or before September 24, 2019. For more information and a portal for submission of comments, see the CPUC’s Fuel Substitution implementation website.

ESHD attorneys can provide more information regarding this CPUC proceeding and other California energy efficiency policies and programs.Contact Lynn Haug or Samantha Neumyer.