CPUC Approves Changes to its Rules of Practice and Procedure

Today the California Public Utilities Commission approved comprehensive amendments to its Rules of Practice and Procedure (Title 20, Division 1, of the California Code of Regulations), including, among others:

  • Implements significant changes to Ex Parte rules and reporting requirements
  • Provides that Alternate Decisions need not be issued concurrently with Proposed Decisions
  • Clarifies deadlines for Notice of Intent to Claim Intervenor Compensation and implements statute that allows cities and counties to receive intervenor compensation under certain circumstances
  • Certificate of Service will not be required with service of filing
  • Eliminates the State Service Category in service lists
  • Requires electronic filing
  • Waives the requirement for a 7-Day Settlement Conference Notice
  • Requires Electronic Uploading of Exhibits
  • Conforms comment deadline for draft resolutions to the comment deadline for proposed and alternate decisions.

A link to this current revision is here. (There is also a redlined version.) The amended rules will not be final until the Office of Administrative Law reviews the changes and they are sent to the Secretary of State.

Contact: Andy Brown or Jed Gibson