CEC Workshop on Summer 2022 and Mid-Term Electric System Reliability

The California Energy Commission (CEC) hosted a workshop on May 20, 2022 “to provide an update on the outlook for summer 2022 and midterm electric system reliability,” including the updated Summer Stack Analysis, as well as an overview of the Tracking Energy Development Task Force, which is working to help overcome barriers to new projects coming online that are critical for California’s electric reliability. In particular, the upcoming retirements of once-through-cooling plants and the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant mean there is critical need for new projects to come online in a timely manner. The workshop presentations and panel discussions reviewed the impacts of drought and extreme heat on existing resources, particularly for summer 2022, as well the impacts of changes related to the supply chain, interconnection and permitting on the development of new resources and how those issues may impact mid-term reliability.

Meeting details and links to presentation materials can be found at: https://efiling.energy.ca.gov/Lists/DocketLog.aspx?docketnumber=21-ESR-01. Written comments are due by COB Friday, May 27.

For more information, contact Ronald Liebert