CARB Releases the Finalized 2017 Enforcement Policy Update.

In October 2017, CARB updated the Enforcement Policy ensuring regulated industries are bound to comprehensive reporting and compliance standards.

The Enforcement Policy update supersedes the 2011 Penalty Policy, and creates a more comprehensive enforcement program. Early in 2017, CARB identified a need to bridge regulatory gaps between federal and state enforcement policies through an update to the overall enforcement policy. CARB held several workshops to increase public involvement and explain transparently the Agency’s approach to enforcement actions. The policy itself is further aimed to build in mechanisms for public outreach and create enforcement support programs.

The new Enforcement Policy includes the following updates:

  • Case-by-case penalty assessment,
  • Increased maximum penalties to deter violations,
  • Prioritization of cases, and
  • Increased public engagement.

The Enforcement Policy applies to all CARB enforcement programs, and affirms CARB’s key principles: protect public health, deter against penalties, and increase responsiveness to the public.

To further review the new enforcement policy, see link:

Contact: Brian S. Bieiring