Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Based on decades of we believe that litigation typically does not utilize the resources of its clients in the most efficient manner, nor does it provide predictable outcomes. We emphasize problem solving. Based on extensive experience in the field of water law, our philosophy is that the complexity of water problems is typically best addressed through problem solving and negotiation. Our Water Practice Group is capable and experienced in guiding our clients through negotiations and the alternative dispute resolution processes.

When litigation is necessary, however, we have the expertise and experience to represent our clients’ interests in administrative hearings, at trial, and at appellate courts. We understand the importance of building a strong administrative record in anticipation of litigation, and the nuances and complexities to successfully bring or defend water right disputes, bring or defend against claims relating to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), defend against citizen suits brought pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act, and disputes arising from Proposition 218 (water fees).