GHG Regulation

Our attorneys help clients understand the complex regulatory rules and formulate their strategies to buy and sell GHG allowances and offsets in CARB’s quarterly GHG auctions, and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits in the small but expanding LCFS program. We help our clients navigate the stringent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) procurement requirements, including managing compliance with multi-year obligations to secure eligible renewable energy resources and navigate renewable resource certification at the Energy Commission, and the process for registration with the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) tracking system.

As California moves toward achieving the goals outlined by Governor Brown in his April 29, 2015, Executive Order, which set a 2030 GHG target of 40 percent below 1990 emissions levels and a 2050 GHG target of 80 percent below 1990 levels, our attorneys remain at the forefront of tracking GHG and RPS developments.