Our firm provides counsel and representation before regulatory agencies on behalf of the public agency developers of electrified rail transportation facilities, and related services and infrastructure. We have expertise in federal and state statutes and regulations applicable to electrified rail transportation, and extensive experience working on regulatory and transactional matters, including:

  • Development of safety rules;
  • Jurisdictional issues;
  • Interconnection;
  • Regenerative braking;
  • Siting;
  • Relocation;
  • Environmental review.

Our attorneys have years of experience advising and representing industry-leading companies providing electric vehicle charging services and equipment, and related energy products such as demand response and energy storage. We advise and assist clients with regulatory and legislative matters in California and other jurisdictions throughout the United States. Our work with clients in the EV charging industry benefits from the firm’s deep knowledge and experience working on other advanced technology issues, including energy storage, distributed generation, advanced metering, energy efficiency, and innovative vehicles for investment, such as “green bank” programs and community-based financing programs.