Energy Transactions

Our attorneys have extensive experience supporting California energy transactions and were directly involved in the negotiation and drafting of California’s standard offer QF contracts and subsequent amendments, and the first “full requirements” power contract between a power marketer and an end user in the nation.

Our attorneys are also directly involved and experienced with various transactions under California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Resource Adequacy (RA) programs, supply contracts for customers and load serving entities, including smaller investor-owned utilities under California Public Utilities Commission jurisdiction, as well as public entities, including irrigation districts, municipalities, and community choice aggregators.

The firm’s depth of knowledge about California energy regulatory compliance requirements, such as the RPS, RA, feed-in-tariff, and renewables auction mechanism programs, helps our transactional attorneys craft innovative and robust agreements.

We advise clients, represent them in contract negotiations and related regulatory proceedings, and draft contracts for a variety of energy transactions, including:

  • Electric power purchase and sale;
  • Natural gas commodity purchase and sale;
  • Direct access customer supply contracts and related agreements such as project interconnection agreements;
  • Energy facilities, including complex real estate leases and sales.

Our attorneys have also provided numerous opinions regarding applicable permits and environmental compliance in support of client financing, acquisition due diligence, and other asset and commodity transactions.